Sanna Maria Paananen

Paintings 2013-

Paananen's paintings are mainly done in oil paint using just three colors. To create contrasts in this otherwise subdued manner of painting she mixes in other types of paint and collage materials such as newspaper, the topics of which are selected according to theme. These paintings are a selection of her works from two series - one started in 2013 which consists of observations on feminism and roles of women and how they are presented in media, and another started in 2015 centered around themes surrounding social media platforms.

Collaborative paintings 2014-

In addition to her own paintings, Paananen also works in collaboration with painter Tero Ulvila. Ulvila works in an abstract manner, using vivid colors and broad brush strokes, aiming for a highly painterly look. The contrasts of these two artists are apparent, but that is what makes for an interesting result when they work together. These collaboration pieces showcase what both artists do best - which then results in a style that is representative of both while at the same time being something independent.

Exhibition photos 2013-

Photos from various exhibitions.